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Who we are

The first in the country to introduce the power of Gifticon, Share Treats Innovation Corporation (STIC) provides its clients cutting edge service when it comes to revolutionizing their process and content for rewards and loyalty platforms.

STIC believes that seamless redemption and Digital execution is the future of Loyalty, Rewards and Engagement Programs. With its versatile cloud-based solution, we ensure that our service help companies evolve fast on top of the rapidly moving technology curve.
Use of Biz Treats
Automated Procurement
Company communication allowance, gas, food and representations is now easy to track and account for.
Company Referral Programs
Award existing employees for sending in quality referrals.
Rewards Programs
Reward targeted individuals or groups for their loyalty.
Campaigns and Promotions
Entice your future customers to try your product by give ng them budget-friendly freebies.
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